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Do not be a Donkey When Choosing a Webhost

A long way from my blogging activities eventually led me to an interesting experience. Some time ago, one of my blogs was down, so can not be accessed by visitors. Uninterrupted access emerged as the impact of poor quality hosting service that I use for.

At the beginning of my activities as a blogger, I really do not care about what and how a proper webhosting service becomes the most used by many bloggers around the world. Both in terms of access speed, hosting space and cheapest prices with quality services close to perfect.

As a result, I must be willing to lose the most visitors to my blog, course its also have an impacting to the traffic rank and will be more difficult to monetize.

From this experience, finally I concluded that for Blog Hosting, at least have to services such as: Unlimited Web space, Data Transfer / Bandwidth, Multiple Domain Hosting, International Domain Names, SSH (Secure Shell), SSL, FTP, CGI, Ruby (RoR), Perl, PHP, MySQL, Fantastico Library, Streaming Video/Audio, Drag and Drop Site Builder, server monitoring, free support and most importantly is money back guarantee! Hehehehe….

So if you seriously want to manage a blog, you should have to pay attention to the hosting quality from now, so my experience was not going to happen to you, if that ever happened to you, do not ever repeat it again, because you should never be a donkey when choosing a webhost.

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